Testimonials for Mark Aubry

“I have worked closely with Mark Aubry for almost ten years in a multitude of business environments, both from within and without my companies. I have seen him in action as a board member, C-level executive, capital investor, and problem solver/consultant. He wears all of these hats with ease, intelligence, fortitude, and competency. Mark is a “people person,” a listener, positive, confident and highly intelligent. More importantly, he conveys these strengths the moment he is introduced into a situation; and does so without the too frequent arrogance many times associated with a typical consultant.  As a result, he immediately instills trust at all levels of an organization, from boardroom directors to the people on the loading dock. Because he gains peoples’ trust—and he patiently listens to their issues—Mark can more clearly analyze a situation. With this clarity, and drawing on his experience, research skills, insight, and innovative abilities, Mark can tailor and facilitate an effective and successful solution.” –Don


“Mark Aubry’s guidance was truly transformative for our start-up. Mark brings a perfect balance of experience, knowledge, and skill to the conversation, which helped develop our “big picture” and our overall goals, while constantly improving daily operations. Mark is patient, insightful, and innovative. He dealt well with the contrasting personalities of our founders, and earned our trust and friendship with ease. What sets Mark apart from other “consultants” is that he isn’t going to give you the same advice he gave us, he’s going to listen to your concerns, your needs, your plans, and tailor a plan specific to your success. Our company wouldn’t be the company it is today without Mark (it may not even exist without him)!” – Kelsey


“I met Mark Aubry over ten years ago at a conference. He and I quickly became respected colleagues as I found him to be very unlike many of the other so-called “advisors” I’d come across. He not only had a thirst for knowledge and learning the best way to help his clients, but he also conveyed a sincere desire and focus on helping people. After the conference, he and I continued to remain in touch and get to know each other as we evaluated, considered, and discussed various solutions for clients. It was not at all uncommon for Mark to research and suggest solutions that were in the best interest of his clients, but certainly not for his bottom line. One quite notable such incidence where Mark forsook his own interest for integrity’s sake was not long after we met; Mark had an opportunity to serve dozens through a business relationship, which unfortunately had a conflict of interest for him. He called me and asked me to serve those clients instead, forgoing a great deal in compensation in the process. I asked Mark if he wanted to coordinate a solicitor’s fee or investigate some other means of compensation for the time he’d already spent. He declined and merely emphasized that he wanted to make sure the clients were taken care of.” –Adrian


“I was introduced to Mark Aubry by a trusted and reputable physician colleague in early 2014. Over a period of months, I began to build a relationship with Mark based on our mutual business interests in positively impacting the world. As time passed, I began to learn more about Mark and his “heart.”

Mark goes out of his way to make others comfortable in most any situation. His business ethic and his personal compassion are oneandthesame. I once witnessed him giving up his hotel room to a conference attendee who arrived late; Mark ended up sleeping on the floor in the room of a colleague so that this person would not have to find another hotel late at night.

Mark also goes out of his way to make sure that others are fully informed. It is his transparency and sincerity that has led me to trust him as a valuable advisor to my company.” – Greg


“It has been my pleasure to know Mark Aubry in a wide range of settings for over ten years. We were first introduced in a business setting by a mutual friend. This first meeting involved a new company for which I was the CEO and founder. Mark was an extremely knowledgeable, highly trusted and valuable coach and advisor; and was a key contributor to the early success of the company. Mark’s efforts on the company’s behalf were quickly recognized by all of the employees; and he was highly respected and trusted by them as well.

I have had a great deal of contact over the years I have known Mark. We shared both business and personal thoughts about life, friends, family, ethics, employees, and the good and bad of the world’s economy and our struggling society. I can say with the fullest sincerity that he is the most honest, trustworthy, and moral person that I know—or have ever known.

As a serial entrepreneur for over 40 years, I have come into contact and worked with a wide range of people, from the likes of Accel, Greylock, and Kleiner Perkins, and have had high-profile “angels” on my boards. Mark’s level of business knowledge, ethics and integrity would put most of these people to shame.” –Donald


“About five years ago a friend of mine asked if I would meet with his advisor and let him know my thoughts about his approach and character. I met with Mark Aubry and was profoundly impressed with his presentation, background, and materials. So much so, that I began to use Mark as an advisor. (In fact, I still have his original presentation in my office.) Over the subsequent years I introduced Mark to a number of my clients and recommended his services. All of my referrals (all physicians) were not only pleased and satisfied with the advice and service that Mark provided but were thankful that I had referred Mark to them. I never hesitated to recommend Mark, as I knew him to be extremely hard working, fair, and above all, honest.

I have happily continued to recommend Mark to a number of other colleagues who were seeking the expertise Mark provides. I can say without reservation that I hold Mark in the highest regard.” – Steven

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