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Why I Have No Desire to Change the World

-it seems like everyone else is already doing so. Everywhere I go, I hear discussions, lectures, and proud statements about changing the world. I get emails encouraging me to change the world (or at least donate time or money to those who wish to do so). The media highlights world changers. Venture capitalists invest in world changers. Politicians should be (re) elected because they will change the world. Even entrepreneurs are in the world changing […]

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Cheerful Giver

The Lord Loves a Cheerful Giver, but He Demands a Return on His Investment This post is meant to do what many parables in scripture do: juxtapose two seemingly unrelated, or possibly contradictory, topics. This post also considers our discussion regarding the Give-Greed Continuum and the misguided notion that God only cares about giving. This post is not about money, per se. Nor is it about the love of money or the desire for it.

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“Mostly” Free Markets

Free markets are linked with a core concept of freedom of choice. But, what does “freedom” actually mean (our philosophical history is rich in literature exploring this concept)? Should I have absolute freedom to do what I wish? Because, I really wish that I can have an unlimited amount of resources without doing anything for it (I have a strong leaning toward laziness – I am just not very good at it). Unfortunately, the market does

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If I Bring on an Investor, am I a “Slave to a Lender?”

Impact Capitalists are proponents of investing in businesses or having others invest in their business(es). The benefits of having investors-owners are many. Here are a few: investors-owners can influence company policy Since investor-owners receive accounts and statements, they can put forward motions that add value oversee the practice of the business deal with unethical practices or products Provide insight and/or guidance based on experience or a different perspective Having investor-owner impact capitalists as owners of your company allows for a strong level of accountability that

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No sides

Recently, I wrote a post titled “Who’s on Your Side?” In the post, I encouraged (and Impact Capitalist advocates for) free markets over models involving heavy regulations and government control. In hindsight, I am concerned with the title of the blog – specifically, the concept of anyone being on your side (or vice versa, on the side of someone else). I like sports. More specifically, I like to watch sporting events. I like the competition

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Jesus had a mission statement, why don’t you?

It’s kind of hard for me to admit this, but, for a long time, I didn’t think it was necessary to have a mission statement. Whether I was starting a business, helping a client start a business, or advising a business owner who had been in business for some time, a mission statement was toward the bottom of my list of concerns. But through the years it has become evident to me that a mission statement is

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Celebrating Business Owners and Business Ownership

Celebrating Business Owners and Business Ownership While not all business owners are Impact Capitalists, all Impact Capitalists are business owners. The impact capitalist-business owner is not trying to cure the world’s ills or use political influence to gain an advantage. These business owners are making a positive impact on the people around them, every day, whether they realize it or not. And for this, these business owners should be celebrated. More than 99% of all

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Who’s on your side?

The United States is said to be a capitalist society. Given such a notion, it would be expected that free-market capitalism is championed throughout the system. Unfortunately, the system is not on your side. We are presented a warped view of the entrepreneurial struggle and trans-generational family enterprises. Government tells you that you did not build your business; rather, government allowed you a path to success. While the case can be made that government provides an

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praxis: theory | action | impact

Praxis is a word that literally means “doing;” but there is so much more to the word. It is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. This blog (and for that matter, this website and business) is the realization and the embodiment of the skills developed from years of lessons learned from both theory and action. The combination of this blog, website, and business is my Righteous Path:

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Advocatus Diaboli

dev·il’s advocate (dĕv′əlz) n. [Translation of Medieval Latin advocātus diabolī] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position. Roman Catholic Church – An official formerly appointed to present arguments against a proposed canonization or beatification. Those who know me would say that I enjoy a

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