The purpose of the Impact Capitalist is to help business owners understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources. We do this by providing resources and offering a community of like minded business owners. In addition to the wealth of information available to members, Impact Capitalist offers other fee-based services. Click on a link for more details.

Impact Capitalist Society – An online platform that provides the needed community and resources for impact-oriented business owners around the world. Coming: 2018

Impact Capitalist Institute – An online education platform that bridges the academic with the practical. Designed to help business owners understand a variety of aspects of business ownership, investing, and operating in a complex economic environment. Coming: 2018.

Impact Physician –

Impact Coaching – It is good to righteously pursue both impact and profit. But many business owners struggle with this kind of mindset; society and, unfortunately, the church have led us to believe that we, as business owners, should not be pursuing both impact and profit. An Impact Coach can help you develop a plan to achieve both Impact and Profit.

RM2 Impact -Resource Management emphasizes the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of strategic relationships to help clients understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources. Resource Management also includes working with the client’s other advisors to implement planning recommendations.

gi2 Impact – gi2 Impact serves as an active partner with business owners in order to put business foundations in place. gi2 primarily works with impact innovators and early stage businesses.  

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