The Long and Winding Road

I am a Beatles fan. And the last few weeks brought us 1) A Beatles channel on SiriusXM and 2) the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary.*

Fifty years removed from the release of that historic album – and listeners continue to gain deeper insight. That album was a revelation. Just think of the leap from She Loves You to Strawberry Fields Forever!

What does this have to do with Impact Capitalist? Good question.

Like good musicians, business owners push beyond today and the immediate quarterly results. Businesses develop, evolve, emerge, struggle, etc. Business focus can change, pivot, and even lead to something completely different (my business partner and I have had quite a few “pivots”). Trans-generational family enterprises add family into the mix (they consider an impact/profit timeline across decades and centuries, not just a few years down the line). To have trans-generational success, you can not just rely on one familiar tune.

A business owner (and impact capitalist) views the road as long and winding. It is a journey. It does not lie still and straight, and offers many interesting pleasures and insights as well as obstacles across the venture. And to be successful, we must navigate these complex roads. But rather than be overwhelmed by the road, take some time and enjoy the beauty of the challenge. After all, what would Sgt. Peppers be if people who grew up on Love Me Do did not give the more challenging Within You Without You time to make its impact?

We are impact capitalists – and we hope you will enjoy the show.

*I am not selling anything and receive no compensation if you purchase or subscribe. I promote only what I like. 

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