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Insights, musings, reflections, contemplation, and utter puffery by Tom Fediuk.  He speaks for himself and not for the entirety of Impact Capitalist. 

Socialized Crime and Societal “Guilt”

Please review Trigger Warnings disclaimer at top of the Righting on the Wall page. Needless to say, this serves as a trigger warning. Against my better judgement, I am writing about a current epidemic that puts me on the “wrong side of history”. What is the wrong side? The side that does not agree with another side (see the slippery slope?). Pick your political side and stamp it “Right” and just! It’s that easy. OK,

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Shelter from the Storm

Florida is reeling (and recovering) from Hurricane Irma. I am currently living in Florida, and was fortunate to suffer minor damage and limited time without power. If you doubt how much power, cable, and internet access means in our modern lives, try to go without it for a while (hopefully without a major storm).* We were prepared this year. We were prepared because we were less prepared last year (with Hurricane Matthew). Last year, we

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The Long and Winding Road

I am a Beatles fan. And the last few weeks brought us 1) A Beatles channel on SiriusXM and 2) the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary.* Fifty years removed from the release of that historic album – and listeners continue to gain deeper insight. That album was a revelation. Just think of the leap from She Loves You to Strawberry Fields Forever! What does this have to do with Impact Capitalist? Good question. Like

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Why I Have No Desire to Change the World

-it seems like everyone else is already doing so. Everywhere I go, I hear discussions, lectures, and proud statements about changing the world. I get emails encouraging me to change the world (or at least donate time or money to those who wish to do so). The media highlights world changers. Venture capitalists invest in world changers. Politicians should be (re) elected because they will change the world. Even entrepreneurs are in the world changing

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“Mostly” Free Markets

Free markets are linked with a core concept of freedom of choice. But, what does “freedom” actually mean (our philosophical history is rich in literature exploring this concept)? Should I have absolute freedom to do what I wish? Because, I really wish that I can have an unlimited amount of resources without doing anything for it (I have a strong leaning toward laziness – I am just not very good at it). Unfortunately, the market does

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No sides

Recently, I wrote a post titled “Who’s on Your Side?” In the post, I encouraged (and Impact Capitalist advocates for) free markets over models involving heavy regulations and government control. In hindsight, I am concerned with the title of the blog – specifically, the concept of anyone being on your side (or vice versa, on the side of someone else). I like sports. More specifically, I like to watch sporting events. I like the competition

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Tomasz A. Fediuk, Ph.D.

Tomasz A. Fediuk is a contributor, co-founder, and resident Advocatus Diaboli for Impact Capitalist. He is Managing Director at Family Business Strong, LLC, a research and resource management firm for business owning families and impact capitalists.

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