Impact Physician

Impact Physician

While not all doctors are Impact Physicians, all Impact Physicians are Impact Capitalists, and all Impact Capitalists are business owners. Impact Physicians are making a positive impact on the people around them, every day. They may not always be “solving the world’s problems,” but they provide services that help the body heal itself and make life easier and better.

In a world where most talk about disrupting health care by increasing the use of technology and patient engagement apps, few understand and discuss the business of being a physician. Fewer still (if any) advocate for a better quality of life for physicians. We do.

In fact, we not only advocate for physicians, we’ve actually built an entire business platform that allows physicians to pursue both impact and profit in their own business.

Impact Physician is a platform built specifically for physicians who want to use business ownership, coupled with the art of medicine, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients.

The Impact Physician platform provides an Impact Physician Blog and business services for impact physicians to help them navigate the complexities of business ownership.

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