Tales for the Impact Capitalist journey!

Our contributors have a lot to say (and we mean a lot – as in they can’t stop talking). We feel that much can be learned from these ramblings. Therefore, Impact Capitalist has created the following blogs:

Praxis – The blog site for Mark Aubry, who is an Impact Capitalist, co-founder of the society, and Chief Evangelist of the Impact Capitalist “good news.” Praxis, which literally means “doing,” is where Mark explores theory, practice, and impact.

Righting on a Wall –  The blog site for Tom Fediuk, Impact Capitalist, co-founder of the society, resident Advocatus Diaboli, and Managing Director of Fediuk Botero, LLC, a family enterprise consulting firm.

All ideas, opinions, and positions on the blog pages are for informational and entertainment purposes only. The positions expressed by the authors are not necessarily the positions of Impact Capitalist, Ltd. Co.


Stop Giving Back!

Seriously. Right now. Stop giving back. Whoa! You are probably wondering if I have finally lost it. Isn’t that the epitome of greed? Aren’t we …

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Down with the 1%!

We hear a lot of rhetoric against wealth and the 1%ers who possess wealth. An Impact Capitalist question is: how did we go conceptually from ...
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UNDERSTAND Manage Protect Grow

Does a business owner need to understand business to manage and grow that business? I mean more than just their business, but business principles and ...
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Davos agenda vs. impact mindsets

Welcome to Davos week – where business and government leaders, activists and media created celebrities spray us with guilt ridden appeals to make a positive ...
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Double Vision – Welcome 2020

20/20. It is a concept usually associated with vision. While it is not technically perfect vision, it is associated with clarity in vision. 20/20 hindsight ...
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I pay your salary

I am not only an impact capitalist – I am also an occasional university professor. I teach courses in business management and strategic communication. And ...
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We don’t need no education

It is the start of the new school year. New hopes and new opportunities to learn. But what are we expected to learn – and ...
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Entrepreneurs are Acrobats

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog on Impact Capitalist. I’ve been focused on building 3 different companies and the content that ...
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