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The Give-Greed Continuum

The Give-Greed Continuum   The Impact Capitalist does not try to “change the world.” There are many people trying to “change the world” and many more teachers, pastors, coaches, business leaders, and politicians, to name just a few, who are encouraging others to “change the world.” But what happens if my change is incongruent with your change? That is, what if my change comes into conflict your change? See related blog post: Why I have […]

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Celebrating Business Owners and Business Ownership

Celebrating Business Owners and Business Ownership While not all business owners are Impact Capitalists, all Impact Capitalists are business owners. The impact capitalist-business owner is not trying to cure the world’s ills or use political influence to gain an advantage. These business owners are making a positive impact on the people around them, every day, whether they realize it or not. And for this, these business owners should be celebrated. More than 99% of all

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Pursuing Your Righteous Path

Pursuing Your Righteous Path   Being an impact capitalist is not about “changing the world” or “pursuing your passion.” It’s very much different from either of those misguided notions… As you may well know by now, being an impact capitalist is about using business ownership to make an impact, or a meaningful difference, in the lives of others. But how do we, as impact capitalists, make a meaningful difference in the lives of others? It

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Stealing Capitalism Back!

Capitalism has been stolen; we need to steal it back.   Capitalism has been hijacked. It’s been stolen by politicians and crony capitalists. Crony capitalists use political power instead of competition to gain unfair advantages. People are either born into this “class” or they are sleazy enough to pay someone off to “join” it.  Many of the largest corporations and richest families in the United States, and around the world, are Cronies. And through the

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