An Impact Capitalist is someone who uses business ownership to make an impact - a meaningful difference - in the lives of others


Do you use your business ownership to make money, but also want to make an impact on the world around you?


Do you feel that your “calling” is in the arena of business and/or business ownership?

Mutual Benefit

Do you believe that it’s not just possible, but O.K. to make an impact on others while also pursuing a profit?

well, it's BETTER THAN OK - IT'S GOOD!

In fact, it is good to righteously pursue both impact AND profit

  1. Being an impact capitalist is a mindset; a mindset that includes decision-making that considers the stakeholder view, rather than only a shareholder view.
  2. Using business ownership can produce both impact (benefit to others) and profit (benefit to self). And both are good.
  3. Free market capitalism is the best economic system for impact-oriented business owners to create impact and enjoy the fruit of their labor (profit) however they choose.
  4. The impact capitalist does not reject the notion of charity, but neither does the impact capitalist reject pursuing one’s own self interest.
  5. The impact capitalist believes that pursuing one’s own Righteous Path is the key to impact. There are three parts to an impact capitalist’s Righteous Path:
    1. ¬†Purpose – the pursuit of one’s calling.
    2. Passion – the love for and/or enjoyment of one’s work.
    3. Profit – it’s beyond sustainability; if there is not profit, there is no abundance.
  6.  Business owners and business ownership should be celebrated, not vilified.
  7. The struggles of business owners are not understood by those who are not business owners. These struggles can even be greater for impact-oriented business owners. But the impact capitalist knows that these struggles can be overcome by having access to both resources and community.
  8. You are not alone. The path of the impact capitalist does not have to be a lonely one. 
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