Values are the core principles that define our actions. The Impact Capitalist holds the following values as central to achieving its mission. We believe that Impact Capitalists will also hold similar values.

Value added

We seek impact and profit through voluntary exchange and mutual benefit. This means working to add value for society and institute members as well as returning value for our company.  We also understand that we have many other stakeholders besides members and shareholders. We strive to constantly consider the implications of our actions on a variety of stakeholder groups (and there is another term that has been stolen to create some weird abomination called Stakeholder Capitalism). We must consider our actions of value creation in relation to any possible value destruction activities. We look to our physicians and the Hippocratic Oath for wisdom: First do no harm. Then seek to provide value.

Long-term orientation

We feel that short-term orientations are harmful and value destructive across the stakeholder map for the long term. Few benefit and many stakeholders suffer. We believe that a long-term perspective is necessary for impact. Decision-making requires discussions of long-term effects. Business ownership should not be focused on near term exit plans. We seek to add value and create a resource for Impact Capitalists that can span the ages.


Community is central to human organizing. The vision of the Impact Capitalist is for a thriving community of like-minded capitalists seeking a shared goal: impact AND profit. We are putting in place the resources for people to come together, learn, share thoughts, experiences, lessons, warnings, questions, encouragement and wisdom. We hope for a long-term value creation community producing knowledge through many people interacting with each other.


Simply stated, integrity is about being honest and acting in ways consistent with values, ethics and moral principles. In the case of the Impact Capitalist, the moral principles are built upon a Christian foundation (although one does not need to be religious to be an Impact Capitalist – it just started upon this foundation – Impact Capitalist is a mindset, not a religion). The Impact Capitalist expects behavioral integrity from its business owners, contributors, employees, and all its stakeholders.


Communication is more than an on/off switch (an oversimplification of good/bad communication). Communication is a complex and dynamic process that has many facets. At Impact Capitalist, we value open communication, where we can feel free to express our views and thoughts without fear of retaliation or suppression of free expression. We desire two-way communication across the platform. All perspectives are welcome as long as they are presented and supported by the rules of argumentation, rational thought, and considered exploration. We seek clarity, not over-simplifications and slogans. Conflict is not only tolerated, but inevitable. It is how we manage situations and disagreements that are central to creating long term value in the community.


The Impact Capitalist is not seeking to follow trends or create new jargon (even though some new vocabulary will be necessary). It is grounded in the social sciences. Research is focused on asking questions, seeking understanding, and then using that understanding to guide actions (not to support pre-existing assumptions and ideology). Understanding is built from evidence, supportive arguments, and multiple perspectives. The co-founders are scholars, teachers, and business owners. The platform and materials used to help business owners understand, manage, protect and grow their resources are derived from the efforts of past scholars and intellectual explorers.


Along with research, the institute is grounded in helping business owners understand concepts. Understanding must precede actions that help people manage, protect and grow their resources. Understanding improves the odds of impact and profit. Acting without understanding can be equated to casino gabling, hoping that your bet on number seven will hit on the roulette wheel. Research and education are the righteous path of the Impact Capitalist.

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