Impact Capitalist Society

Impact Capitalist, Ltd Co is committed to providing leading platforms for impact-oriented business owners around the world.

The Impact Capitalist Society is a platform that brings together business owners and impact capitalists to help them understand, manage, protect, and grow their business and personal resources. We provide materials through a variety of different channels. The Impact Capitalist Society also provides a community for business owners to share their thoughts, concerns, experiences, and suggestions.

Members of the Impact Capitalist Society advocate that free market capitalism is the best known economic system that allows people to use their business ownership to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives while still pursuing a profit for themselves.

We are very excited  to announce that the Impact Capitalist Society will officially launch September, 2017. (Scroll below to Join the Impact Capitalist Society)

Membership does have privileges.

As a member of the Impact Capitalist Society, you will have access to:

  1. Forums to engage with other impact capitalists and business owners
  2. Podcast with interviews of other impact capitalists (We’d love to hear about your story as an impact capitalist)
  3. Materials to help you understand, manage, protect, and grow your business and personal resources
  4. White papers and eBooks (We expect our first eBook to be available in 2018)

Lastly, as an Impact Capitalist Society member, you will have access to Monthly Webinars on topics that are relevant to impact capitalists, whether they are business owner-operators or business owner-investors. These webinars will be at a special member price of $25 per webinar. (These webinars will begin in late summer 2016.)

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