2020 – A New Hope

Welcome to 2020. A new year. A new decade. And 20% through the century. For some of us, Y2K just came and went.

Speaking of coming and going, it may seem as we at Impact Capitalist have come and gone. Nothing can be further from the truth. We have been busy on a variety of projects that have taken much of our time (See Mark Aubry’s posts in Praxis for details). None the less, it is no excuse for our lack of presence on the Impact Capitalist front.

We remain as committed to the platform and agenda as ever before. Current winds from politics and woke culture further necessitates our continued effort to support business ownership and impact capitalism.

With the new year/decade, we are making a recommitment to advocating, celebrating, and helping business owners navigate the complexities of business ownership. My personal passions are in helping business owning families understand, manage, protect, and grow their family enterprise. I will speak to this agenda over the duration of this blog. And, as usual, we will touch upon entrepreneurship, economics, and some other things.

As Mark likes to sign off, to your success.  To all of our success. And let us work toward a return to sanity in the direction of impact capitalism.

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