February 2018

Pursuing Your Righteous Path as an Impact Physician

Being an impact physician is not about “changing the world” or “pursuing your passion.” It’s very much different from either of those misguided notions… As you may well know by now, being an impact capitalist is about using business ownership to make an impact, or a meaningful difference, in the lives of others. As an impact physician, that is done coupled with the art of healing. But how do we, as impact capitalists and impact […]

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The Impact Physician Give-Greed Continuum

*This post is revised from previously published Give/Greed post to emphasize Impact Physicians and healthcare – there is more info in that blog – so check it out We’re necessarily looking to “change the world.” At least not in the sense that everyone else talks about it. There are many people trying to “change the world” and many more teachers, pastors, coaches, business leaders, and politicians, to name just a few, who are encouraging others to

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Markets are falling! Quick – assign blame!!!!

So, the markets are down. As I write this, the point drops are the worst ever!!! Over 1000 pts on Monday (Feb. 5, 2018). End of times, right? Where does this fit historically? Does not matter – we must panic – NOW. What should we do about this? Naturally, assign blame for this fall. No time to discuss whether this is just natural volatility or even a needed correction. We know this is important because

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Stealing Medicine Back

  Medicine has been stolen. It has been hijacked. And we need to steal it back! Is it really that bad? We think it is much worse than people realize. For example, there are advances in regenerative medicine (where we are building our impact capitalist business, RHM) that are being confined and locked in to this hijacked model. And that will ultimately hurt patients and physicians seeking to make life better. So, who stole it?

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