Too often, business owners feel guilty about being in business or feel that they need to go outside of their business in order to do something “good for society.” Impact Capitalist is about how business ownership can produce both profit and benefit others. Free-market capitalism is about mutual benefit. Come join us in the celebration of business ownership!


The concept of Capitalism has been hijacked to mean many things. Unfortunately, none of these revisionist concepts are consistent with free-market capitalism. We believe that free market capitalism is the best available economic system for impact-oriented business owners to create impact and enjoy profit – a true win-win system. Thus, as capitalists are often accused of stealing from society, we are trying to steal back this concept.


We all “know” that being selfish is greedy and giving to others is good.  Profit is selfish and is viewed as taking away from doing good for others. Yet, giving doesn’t always result in good and greed isn’t necessarily bad. We believe that Impact Capitalists can create both impact and profit, and these are achievable simultaneously. At the heart of the Impact Capitalist is a mindset that is much deeper than profit maximization.


Like a surfer screaming “RIGHTEOUS!” on an epic wave, humans have in them some feeling that they were put on this earth for a purpose. The righteous path means the pursuit of something genuine, pure, sincere and honest. 

Impact Capitalists make an impact and profit through acting on their righteous path.


While not all business owners are Impact Capitalists, all Impact Capitalists are business owners. Impact Capitalists are making a positive impact on the people around them, every day. They may not be “solving world problems,” but they provide products and services in a manner that make life easier, more efficient, and, simply, better.

Tomasz A. Fediuk, Ph.D.

Contributor, co-founder, and resident Advocatus Diaboli for Impact Capitalist. He is Managing Director of Family Enterprise Resource Management, Ltd. Co., a research and consulting firm working with family businesses and enterprises.

No Apologies Necessary

Crisis management is certainly a hot topic right now. Every day I am invited to crisis management webinars (which tend to be sales pitches with some aspects of crisis management). What worries me is that many of these webinars are a series of “best practices” based on prescriptive (what you should do) advice that is not grounded in any theory or research. Agencies that make blanket recommendations like this should not be in your network

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Stop Giving Back!

Seriously. Right now. Stop giving back. Whoa! You are probably wondering if I have finally lost it. Isn’t that the epitome of greed? Aren’t we supposed to give back to those less fortunate than us? Aren’t we supposed to redistribute back into the system? (sorry, it is political nonsense season) Here is my question to you: What did you TAKE that you now have to give BACK? What did you do to make you bear

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Down with the 1%!

We hear a lot of rhetoric against wealth and the 1%ers who possess wealth. An Impact Capitalist question is: how did we go conceptually from the existence of the 1% of wealth holding individuals to be evidence that capitalism is evil and should be dismantled immediately? Is it the correlation between wealth generation/holding and the capitalist system? And is it the correlation (thus causation) between capitalism and people who do not have wealth? Have we

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UNDERSTAND Manage Protect Grow

Does a business owner need to understand business to manage and grow that business? I mean more than just their business, but business principles and foundations in general. Can you make a successful business and not really know business? I ask students this question every semester. Students are trained to answer “Of course not – education is critical to success” and “how can we build/run a business through ignorance” and such. How can anyone succeed

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Mark J. Aubry

Contributor, co-founder, and Chief Evangelist for  Impact Capitalist. He is the CEO of RHM Impact, a regenerative health management firm. He also runs a related Impact Capitalist entity for Impact Physicians.

For What Am I Thankful?

It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’m at an airport. I’ve been up since 2:45a local time. I am traveling for work. But I am not complaining because I love doing what I do. I love the impact that I’m making through business. And I have wanderlust, so I love any chance I have to get in a car or on a plane. For many years, my brother and sisters have compared me to Nicholas Cage’s character

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Welcome to 2019!

What Have I Been Doing? It’s interesting how many people are introspective at the end of each year. It’s also interesting how so many people develop corresponding “resolutions” because of that introspection.  According to the Washington Post, 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. That, to me, is a positive. (There is ample evidence that shows that less than 3% of Americans actually write down their goals.) However, according to an old Forbes article, “Just

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Entrepreneurs are Acrobats

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog on Impact Capitalist. I’ve been focused on building 3 different companies and the content that goes along with building each of those companies. You can read about the companies I’m building and the content development with each below: Impact Physician – Here is the Impact Physician Blog. Here is the Impact Physician Podcast.  Here is the list of Impact Physician eBooks I’ve been working on. RHM – Here is the eBook

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What is Regenerative Health Management and Why Does It Matter?

Regenerative health management is the active, on-going process of helping the body heal itself. This process considers the regenerative properties of the human body, not simply a checklist of therapies, drugs, or surgeries. Unfortunately, the relatively new field of regenerative medicine is already falling into the old traps of checklists and high priced surgeries. What’s continuing to exacerbate the problems surrounding the field of regenerative medicine is not having the primary care physicians involved. Regenerative

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